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21 Days to Master Success and Inner Peace

21 Days to Master Success and Inner Peace


Studies have shown it takes only 21 days for a new habit to take root. If there’s a spiritual interest you’ve always wanted to take advantage of, the answer is just 21 days away with the 21 Days to Mastery Series.

Dr Wayne W. Dyer is considered to be one of today’s top spiritual teachers, known worldwide for his warm, insightful wisdom on transforming your life. This innovative new title will show you that in just 21 days you can let go of negative mindsets and move past long term problems, become open to the joy that is present all around you and find inspiration to lead the life of your dreams. The easy-to-follow principles in this short book give you all you need to find a goal in life that is spiritually fulfilling and overflowing with happiness. Living life with an open heart and a clear purpose is only 21 days away, using the ‘father of self-motivation”s incredible life-lessons.

Book Details

  • Language: English
  • Published: 2011
  • ISBN: 9781848509382
  • Format: EPUB

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