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7 Marketing Basics: How to Do Less and Sell More

7 Marketing Basics


“7 Marketing Basics really hits the mark for marketing teams of any size or focus. By breaking down processes that can sometimes seem daunting or too time-consuming into simple, manageable tasks, this guide makes repeatable marketing ROI achievable for so many.”— David Cohen, Vice President, Marketing Communications, Grass Valley
The book delivers on its promise: Do half the work and get double the results. When you read 7 Marketing Basics you’ll discover how to focus on that 20% of marketing efforts that gives you the results and sales you need for your company. You can stop guessing and lean into what works. Cindy Zuelsdorf’s 7 Marketing Basics distills years of experience in both conventional and digital marketing into a straightforward guide for busy entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, or in charge of the marketing at a company, this book gives you a straightforward framework for assessing “holes” and “opportunities” in your marketing to prospects and customers. It follows up immediately with specific, actionable advice for increasing engagement, building relationships, and guiding prospects through to a sale. With its clear, conversational writing style and abundance of examples and anecdotes, 7 Marketing Basics demystifies modern marketing — from webinars and digital marketing to best practices for using social media to the role and advantage of marketing automation. Even more important, it spells out specific marketing practices and techniques that deliver big results with a minimal investment of time and energy.

 Cindy is living proof of her “do less and double your results” strategy. She’s the minimalist of marketers, keeping what matters and getting rid of the rest. No wonder she always looks so relaxed. She’s on to something. — Carol White, Owner/Web Designer, Winter Street Design Group

✅ What’s refreshing about “7 Marketing Basics” compared with other marketing books in this genre is that Cindy charmingly relates her methodology with many real-world examples of the situations and day-to-day challenges facing business owners. You can’t help but have a wide grin on your face and be convinced after reading her techniques. A highly recommended read, this book is a valuable guide to marketing for entrepreneurs and small-business owners who want to be successful in today’s competitive market. It is concisely written with easy-to-follow steps and bonus templates taken from Cindy’s proven success formula. — Saifudin Sani, Entrepreneur and Tech Expert

✅ The tools and tips that Cindy shares throughout “7 Marketing Basics” are actually life-changing. Not only does she share them, but she teaches you in a way that anyone can understand. Her perspective on these marketing basics is enlightening and most of all, encouraging. — Lindsey Ardmore, Business Strategist and Automation Expert, Star Tower Systems

✅ “7 Marketing Basics” delivers on the content’s promise, and its writing style is wonderfully friendly, engaging, and easy-to-read. I definitely learned from this book, and it has me thinking how I could better market myself.— Bob Kovacs, Filmmaker, Videographer, Editor, Tutorial Maven

Every year, many new marketing books are released, and most of them present a complex and confusing “Rah! Rah!” message that would require an army and a lot of money to execute. It is refreshing to read a marketing book that is not only excellent and sensible but also easy to read. Anyone who runs a small business (like I do) can learn and execute the thoughts and ideas presented in “7 Marketing Basics.” — MC Patel, Serial Entrepreneur, CEO Emotion Systems

✅ She’s shown you exactly what to do when you’re part of a smaller staff that wants to make a big impact in less time. — Shell Vera, Voice Discovery Coach, Writer

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  • Language: English
  • Published: 2020
  • ASIN : B08H118V4C
  • Format: PDF, EPUB, AZW3, MOBI

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