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All Customers Are Irrational: Understanding What They Think, What They Feel, and What Keeps Them Coming Back

All Customers Are Irrational


As many businesses are discovering, what customers want doesn’t always seem make sense. Often, their decisions are based on subconscious emotional desires, not on rational, practical choices. Combining recent research with real-world examples from his experiences as founder of a customer consulting firm, William J. Cusick examines how the subconscious part of the brain drives the decisions and behavior of every customer on a daily basis, and introduces the concept of “the irrational customer.” All Customers Are Irrational shows why businesses need to adopt a nontraditional approach to attract and retain customers, and proposes how they can alter their strategies on everything from customer research, product design and website development.

Both honest and insightful, All Customers Are Irrational will help businesses tap into the impulses and motivations that attract consumers, and make them stay loyal to their products.

Book Details

  • Language: English
  • Published: 2020
  • ISBN: 0814414214
  • Format: EPUB

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