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Get Funded!: The Startup Entrepreneur’s Guide to Seriously Successful Fundraising

Get Funded


Fundraising for startups has changed dramatically in the past decade. There was a time when VCs were rock stars and a founder with a big idea and a little drive could raise a few hundred thousand dollars to build a business. But those days are gone. In the aftermath of the Great Recession and a massive drop in tech investments, it’s become harder and harder for founders to raise money. The good news? Today’s entrepreneurs have more options than ever before―with greater opportunities to get the ball rolling, get investors excited, and Get Funded!

A comprehensive, cutting-edge guide from tech journalist and entrepreneur John Biggs and communication strategist Eric Villines, Get Funded! will enable you to:

  • Create a solid business plan and a powerful story that investors respond to
  • Explore a wide range of funding options―and find the ones that are right for you
  • Understand valuation and dilution
  • Plan, prepare, and deliver the perfect pitch
  • Raise money through grants, micro-loans, micro-donations, and crowdfunding
  • Take advantage of the latest online resources and financial tools

Filled with step-by-step strategies, ready-to-use resources, and on-the-ground insights, this is a must-read for every entrepreneur. Even if you’ve started a business before, you’ll discover a whole new funding landscape with exciting tech-driven models―including crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe and Patreon, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, IEOs (Initial Exchange Offerings), micro-loans, and micro-donations―as well as more traditional, tried-and-true methods. Beyond a road map to the current world of funding, Get Funded! provides proven strategies for pitching, marketing, bootstrapping, and more. It’s a complete 360-degree tool with easy-to-follow worksheets and online resources that will help you build a sustainable funding strategy that’s right for your business―and crucial to your success.

Whether you’re starting a food truck or a biotech startup, Get Funded! has got you covered.

Book Details

  • Language: English
  • Published: 2020
  • ISBN: 1260459063
  • Format: EPUB

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