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Home’s Electrical System

Home’s Electrical System


How does the electrical system of our homes work?
How do those mysterious buttons and switches scattered around our rooms work?
What is the difference between a button and a switch?
How does the circuit that allows you to turn a lamp on and off from multiple points in a room work?
Why are three-way switches used in addition to “normal” switches?
My electrician says that a relay of the electrical system must be replaced; should I trust him?
These are just some of the questions we often ask ourselves about our electrical system.
And along with these doubts, others arise: is it really so complicated to understand the functioning of an electrical system? Is it really so difficult to make small changes on our electrical system or replace a faulty device? Is it possible to learn the main concepts of this field by working in total safety using computer simulations?
Well, here are our answers.
The electrical system of our homes is composed of a few very simple elements wired according to equally simple schemes that anyone would be able to understand.
Learning the basics of how an electrical system works not only is useful but it can become a very enjoyable hobby; it is stimulating and allows us to follow and understand our electrician when he operates on our electrical system. In addition, numerous free software simulators are available today that allow you to quickly and safely experiment with different circuit solutions without necessarily having to resort to purchasing electrical components.
So why do few people know the operating principles of such a widespread system?
The main reason is the danger of electrocution. It is in fact the main obstacle that makes us fear the electrical system and blocks us whenever we decide to understand its way of operating.
In addition to this reason, another element that often intimidates us is the technical jargon used by the experts that confuses us and makes us believe that “the electrical system is not for us”.
This course is designed precisely for all those who find themselves in these considerations.
In this book you will find a complete course dedicated to the operation of the main components of the home electrical system and the circuits that make use of them.
The devices and circuits will be analyzed first on a theoretical level. Then we will move on to simulating the functioning of the circuits using a free professional software that you too can install on your computer and use to execute the experiments proposed in this book. You will also learn the general basis of this software so you can try other circuits that you will encounter during your in-depth analyzes on this matter.
The lessons will be presented in the usual practical but at the same time rigorous approach that characterizes our initiatives.

Book Details

  • Language: English
  • Published: 2020
  • ASIN : B08J8BZ3B8
  • Format: PDF

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