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Kali Linux: The ultimate guide to learn, execute linux programming and Hacking tools for computers

Kali Linux


Have you been wondering how Kali Linux works, or are you really confused about its programming and you’d want some guide? Would you like to try out some lumberjack hacking or programming but you’ve got no idea how it really works? Have you heard Linux is great and you really want to read up some nice and detailed about it?

Kali Linux is one of the best software you can get your hands on today. It’s ranked as one of the most complicated software to use, and definitely one of the effective. It is especially used for programming and it’s the kind of program you’d love when all you needed was hack into some coded data on a computer. So, it does an amazing job when it’s hacking too. It’s one of the most dynamic software that can multitask in the world today. It offers a wide range of options and renders numerous services such as social engineering, reverse engineering, Wireshark, kismet, Nmap, Sqlwap, Binwak, Volatility, Hydra, and a wide host of others.

Understanding how Linux works is a piece of cake. Most people find it difficult to comprehend despite a series of lessons, video clips, and discussions, and that’s a top reason you should feel that passion to understand how Kali Linux works. Most eBooks on the topic are not detailed and confusing, video clips are rarely detailed too. Makes you a hotcake too. But most Linux teachers do not understand more than a bit of it. A lot of Linux writers and video makers would simply focus on just one segment of Linux Programming and tactically avoid the other parts too. No doubts, only a Pro can supply all details.

Now, would you like an eBook with a step by step detail of Linux operation, written by an international hacker and programmer who’s hacked some record-breaking data in many parts of the world?

This eBook contains all the tips and guides to operating Kali Linux that nobody is talking about because they have no idea themselves. You’ll learn a lot about manipulation, hacking and penetration especially.

You will also learn:

The real meaning of Kali Linux

Installing and downloading Linux

Basic Kali Linux tool

Real world application for Linux tools

Wireless hacking and penetration testing

Even if you are a beginner and you’ve never used Linux, you will learn it quickly.

Book Details

  • Language: English
  • Published: 2020
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1709438813
  • Format: PDF, EPUB, AZW3, MOBI

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Kali Linux: The ultimate guide to learn execute linux (5.7 MB) | Mirror

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