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Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra


Linear Algebra delivers a fulsome exploration of the central concepts in linear algebra, including multidimensional spaces, linear transformations, matrices, matrix algebra, determinants, vector spaces, subspaces, linear independence, basis, inner products, and eigenvectors. While the text provides challenging problems that engage readers in the mathematical theory of linear algebra, it is written in an accessible and simple-to-grasp fashion appropriate for junior undergraduate students.

An emphasis on logic, set theory, and functions exists throughout the book, and these topics are introduced early to provide students with a foundation from which to attack the rest of the material in the text. Linear Algebra includes accompanying material in the form of a companion website that features solutions manuals for students and instructors. Finally, the concluding chapter in the book includes discussions of advanced topics like generalized eigenvectors, Schur’s Lemma, Jordan canonical form, and quadratic forms. Readers will also benefit from the inclusion of:

  • A thorough introduction to logic and set theory, as well as descriptions of functions and linear transformations
  • An exploration of Euclidean spaces and linear transformations between Euclidean spaces, including vectors, vector algebra, orthogonality, the standard matrix, Gauss-Jordan elimination, inverses, and determinants
  • Discussions of abstract vector spaces, including subspaces, linear independence, dimension, and change of basis
  • A treatment on defining geometries on vector spaces, including the Gram-Schmidt process

Perfect for undergraduate students taking their first course in the subject matter, Linear Algebra will also earn a place in the libraries of researchers in computer science or statistics seeking an accessible and practical foundation in linear algebra.

Book Details

  • Language: English
  • Published: 2021
  • ISBN: 111943744X
  • Format: True EPUB

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