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Machine Learning: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners to Programming and Deep Learning With Python

Machine Learning The Ultimate Guide for Beginners


Are you ready to start your new exciting career? Ready to crush your machine learning career goals? Are you overwhelmed with complexity of the books on this subject?
Then let this breezy and fun book on machine learning models make you an expert in the field of Machine Learning!

We live in a world of data deluge where gigabytes of data are generated daily. It is possible that this data might not be very useful for our daily applications. Major setbacks in the use of such data may be due to the presence of loopholes in data links previously generated or the data might be too vast for the limited human mind. Machine learning in this book presents some of the solutions to the problems above. Being an introductory guide, expect to learn the various basics involved in Machine Learning and Python. This book provides an insight into the new world of big data, then behooves you to learn more about Machine Learning

With this book, you’ll learn:
  ◆ What is Machine Learning and what does it entail?
  ◆ Fundamental concepts and applications of machine learning
  ◆ Grasp how day-to-day activities are powered by machine learning
  ◆ Advantages and shortcomings of widely used machine learning algorithms
  ◆ Discover best practices for evaluating and tuning models

If you are on the fence about making the leap to a new and lucrative career, this is the book for you!

Book Details

  • Language: English
  • Published: 2020
  • Format: PDF, EPUB, AZW3

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