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Password Secrets: Concealing Your Identity to Protecting Your Accounts, Emails, Computers, And Documents

Password Secrets Concealing Your Identity to Protecting Your Accounts, Emails, Computers, And Documents


“Password Secrets” was written to help remove some of the frustration & stress that comes when dealing with passwords. Password Secrets is packed with information to help you understand passwords that will conceal your identity & protect your accounts, email addresses, computers, smartphones, docs, & other people who share their passwords with you. CHAPTER 1 goes deep into understanding passwords. It focuses on how to keep your passwords organized, how to avoid commonly used & weak passwords, how to name your passwords, how to use patterns, and what not to do with passwords. CHAPTER 2 introduces our unique strategy the “5-Finger Password Strategy System” on how to use your five fingers to create the different types of passwords based on the level of importance. We focus on who you can share your passwords with, where to use them, their strength, & how often to change them. We wrap up with passphrases, partial passwords, disguising your passwords, & never leaving your passwords naked. CHAPTER 3 goes into using different email addresses (Alias, Important, Noncritical, & Fun ) to complement your passwords & add another layer of protection. CHAPTER 4 goes into the use of passwords and guest accounts on your computers & understanding the benefits of encrypting your drives. CHAPTER 5 goes into how to use passwords for your important docs, software programs, apps, subscriptions, & avoiding renewals. CHAPTER 6 goes into understanding your Internet Service Provider, protecting/configuring your Wireless Network, Router, & IoT Devices, & we wrap up by showing how to understand promised speeds, fees, & your IP address. CHAPTER 7 goes into managing passwords from people who share their passwords with you and the people you share your passwords with. We wrap it up the importance of keeping track of your old credit cards.

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  • Language: English
  • Published: 2021
  • ASIN: B095J3XYWC
  • Format: PDF, EPUB, AZW3

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