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Programming Basics Getting Started with Java, C#, and Python

Programming Basics Getting Started with Java, C#, and Python


Explore the basics of the three most popular programming languages: C#, Java, and Python and see what it’s like to function in today’s world from the perspective of a programmer. This book’s uses is highly practical approach with numerous code listings aimed at bringing generations together through the intricacies of technology.
You’ll learn how understanding the basics of coding benefits non-programmers working with software developers. Those in the gaming/media industry will also benefit from understanding a programmer’s point of view. The same applies to software testers and even company executives, who might have an education in business instead of computer science.

What You’ll Learn

  • Think and read code-listings like a programmer
  • Gain a basic working proficiency in three popular programming languages
  • Communicate more efficiently with programmers of all experience levels in a work-based environment
  • Review advanced OOP concepts such as exceptions and error handling
  • Set up your programming environments for Windows, MacOS, and Linux

Who This Book Is For

  • Those looking to discover programming, including beginners in all fields, and professionals looking to understand how code works.

Book Details

  • Language: English
  • Published: 2021
  • ISBN: 1484272854
  • Format: True (PDF,EPUB)

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