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Stress Less Yoga: Exceptional Yoga Poses And Advice For Stress Free Living

Stress Less Yoga Exceptional Yoga Poses And Advice For Stress Free Living


Is Your Stressful Life Making You Miserable? Discover the amazing secret millions are using to curb stress, improve health, and regain their lives.

Yoga is no longer just a hip way to workout — current science and medical research has proven that yoga is one of the best ways to battle the detrimental effects of stress because of its ability to turn OFF the fight vs. flight sympathetic nervous system and turn ON the healing, rejuvenating parasympathetic system.

In this edition of Just Do Yoga, Julie Schoen, professional yoga instructor and author, guides you through three effective yoga routines specifically designed for eliminating stress and achieving a state of mental relaxation and physical well-being. At the end of this book you will:

  • Discover Why Untreated Stress Is More Harmful Than You Think
  • Understand Why Yoga Is The Best Solution For Dealing With Stress
  • Be Able To Practice Over 40 Yoga Poses That Effectively Counteract Stress
  • Learn Simple Stress Busting Breathing Exercises You Can Use Daily

Filled with professional photography and concise instructions, Stress Less Yoga is your answer to total health and well-being.

Book Details

  • Language: English
  • Published: 2013
  • ISBN: B00B5Y2TCM
  • Format: EPUB

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