The Best Samples of Modern Submachine Guns of the World Part 1: History of the Firearms

The Best Samples of Modern Submachine Guns of the World


In this book we will get acquainted with the history of the development of submachine guns and examine the best examples of these weapons.

The invention of submachine guns made a big step forward in the development and improvement of small arms. Already in the 30s – 40s, submachine guns became widespread, although their first appearance was in the middle of the second decade of the 20th century.

With the creation of special units of machine gunners, the use of these weapons has increased significantly. This weapon was conveniently used in trenches, in the forest, inside buildings. The submachine gun was easy to handle, since its design was not very complicated. The weapon made it possible to carry with him a sufficiently large supply of ammunition. The submachine gun had a high rate of fire, ensuring the creation of a dense fire at close distances.

This weapon has become very popular due to its high qualities.

A special role in the consumption of submachine guns was played by the extreme simplicity of their device, and hence the manufacturability, low cost of production.
It is also worth recalling that when creating submachine guns, great attention was paid to their reliability in various operating conditions. The reliability that they provide can be compared even with a Kalashnikov assault rifle and an M-16 rifle.

The submachine gun is one of the main types of automatic weapons for the forces of law and order.
In contrast to the machine, the danger zone when working with a submachine gun is much less, and the accuracy of automatic fire is higher.
The submachine gun is compact enough, lightweight; it is relatively easy to put a silencer on it. Only thanks to all these qualities, the samples of the 70s received a second life after some improvements.


Introduction. The history of submachine guns
The principle of operation of submachine guns
The advantages and disadvantages of submachine guns

Submachine gun FAMAE SAF, Chile
Brugger & Thomet MP9, Switzerland
Submachine gun Scorpion EVO 3, Czech Republic
Tula submachine gun PP-2000, Russia
Submachine gun PP-90M1, Russia
Submachine gun Bizon-2, Russia
Submachine gun “Vityaz” PP-19-01, Russia
Submachine gun CP-2 Heather, Russia
Submachine gun UMP45, Germany
Submachine gun “Iamani”, Georgia
Submachine gun RM-63, Poland
Submachine guns Vytas and Vladas, Lithuania
Submachine gun SerLea ACE, Lebanon / USA
Submachine gun FN P90, Belgium
Submachine gun HK MP7 caliber 4.6 millimeters, Germany
Submachine gun Chang Feng, China
Submachine gun FMK-3, Argentina
Submachine gun JaTiMatic, Finland

The latest modification of the Israeli SG “Uzi” – “Uzi Pro”
Ukrainian-made experimental submachine guns
Hungarian Micro-Uzi. Robert Veress
Future weapons from Italy

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