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The Charisma Factor: Unlock the Secrets of Magnetic Charm and Personal Influence in Your Life

The Charisma Factor Unlock the Secrets of Magnetic Charm and Personal Influence in Your Life


Charisma. This unique quality of confidence, natural ability and personal magnetism exists within each and every one of us, just waiting to be unlocked. But while everyone is born with the capacity for charisma, few ever take full advantage of this amazing personal gift.

More than a guide to becoming popular or charming—The Charisma Factor is part mentor, part roadmap to embracing your individuality, discovering your authenticity and empowering yourself. By determining what we really want in life, we ignite the drive necessary to reach new heights and become our best possible self. This is the “it” factor—the charisma factor—that separates leaders from followers, students from teachers, and dreamers from doers.

With The Charisma Factor, you’ll discover . . .
-The key characteristics of charismatic people
-How to find—and enhance—your unique charisma factor
-Effective strategies for being more charismatic in personal
and professional settings
-Daily tools and techniques for developing charisma
-The secrets to turning charisma into authentic influence

Within every person is a hidden spark of charisma waiting to be fanned into a flame.

Book Details

  • Language: English
  • Published: 2021
  • ISBN: 1578268974
  • Format: True EPUB

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