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The Complete Strength Training Guide To Build Endurance


Strength is THE foundation of everything we do! Whether it’s excelling at professional athletics, playing a casual game of golf, or just staying active and trying to lose weight, strength affects everything! Strength training overloads your muscles and then allows the muscle tissues to adapt, strengthening your body and allowing it to better prepare itself for future overloading.

This process works on a cellular level, as the overload causes tears in your muscle cells, allowing your body to repair the damage and replace the “torn” muscles with stronger ones. During post-workout recovery periods, your growth hormones rush to repair your muscles and make them stronger. This is why recovery is such an important step of the strength training process.

Progressive overload is one of the most important aspects of heavy lifting. The process is simple: work your body beyond its current limitations so that it adapts to the physical stress and becomes stronger. You can achieve progressive overload by adding more sets and reps, taking less rest, or performing more grueling exercise variations. However, most experts agree that the single most effective way to achieve progressive overload is to simply lift heavier weights.

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  • Published: 2020
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