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The Essential Italian Cookbook: Fresh and Delicious – That’s Amore

The Essential Italian Cookbook


The magical thing about Italian cooking is its simplicity. Some pasta, a few herbs, simmer for a bit, and you have sheer deliciousness. Indeed, the fresher the ingredients, the better the dish in the Essential Italian Cookbook will taste. When you are cooking Italian, make sure everything that goes into a dish is first-rate.

Few supermarkets can sell produce farm fresh. Therefore, get into the habit of visiting your local farmers’ market. Buy seasonal to get fruits and vegetable at height of their flavor. For example, when making a hearty minestrone soup, vary the vegetables according to the season.

Splurging on the extras is well worth it when preparing the recipes in The Essential Italian Cookbook. Just about every Italian dish contains cheese; it should always be freshly grated and the best available. The same with the olive oils and vinegars you use. For the perfect Italian dish, used extra virgin olive oil and aged vinegars. Indeed, you will be able to taste the delectable difference.

Since so many Italian recipes, including the ones in this Essential Italian Cookbook, involve a tomato-based sauce, you want a sauce that can be the star of the show. This book has an incredible Bolognese Sauce that will make your pasta sing. Surely it can be considered the best meat-based sauce there is. Try it in your lasagna, and you’ll never use anything else.

The other critical sauce is the basic pasta sauce. The Italians call it “Sunday Gravy.” It tastes nothing like the spaghetti sauce you may be used to. It usually contains five different kinds of meats and simmers the entire day.

If Italy food is love, it is the time to treat you and your family to some amore.

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  • Language: English
  • Published: 2020
  • ASIN : B08JCC94FS
  • Format: PDF, EPUB, AZW3

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