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The Ultimate Guide To Drones

The Ultimate Guide To Drones


We’ve come to recognize that times are changing around us faster than some would like. Artificial Intelligence (AI), i.e. drones, has steadily found its way into our conscience via media providing what’s to comes and what’s already here. Yes, times are changing, and the change is upon us.
For over a hundred years drones have been used mainly for military use. From the unmanned balloon to the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). However, in the last few years, it is becoming mainstream for recreational and commercial applications. 
The Ultimate Guide To Drones will provide you with a brief history, an idea on where this technology is going and the opportunities it will provide for those who are ready to jump on board. This is the incubation stage and it won’t be too long from now that drones will become the mainstay for generations to come.

Book Details

  • Language: English
  • Published: 2019
  • ISBN: B07Z5JCHR3 
  • Format: PDF

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