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Warming Winter Recipes: A Cookbook of Cold Weather Comfort Food Ideas!

Warming Winter Recipes


Are you tired of preparing the same recipes one cold night after another?

It seems like there is nothing more comforting to cook sometimes, doesn’t it?

Do you want recipes that will be more tasty and soothing for your winter meals?

The chilly weather of winter affects the way you feel, the way you sleep, the way you work and certainly the way you eat. Your body in winter experiences changes in metabolism, energy level, and the foods you prefer.

Is your reaction to cold weather to skip going to the gym and cook meals with more calories to help warm yourself up? That’s not entirely wrong, but you can eat healthy and still feel better during the bitter winter weather. You don’t want to be splurging on ice cream during the summer months, and you don’t need a steady, high-calorie diet in the winter.

When you winterize your diet with this cookbook, you can eat healthy and tasty meals, by using foods that make it easier to face cold weather.

What foods go well in winter meals?

Soup and stews are possibly the number one winter foods. Look for recipes that contain water or broth as the base, along with lots of veggies. Try some winter recipes soon…

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  • Language: English
  • Published: 2020
  • Format: PDF, EPUB, AZW3

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